Tree Ambulance was launched by Honorable Shri. M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India

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For the first time, An Unique Tree Ambulance was introduced in the city and Honorable Shri. M. Venkiah Naidu, Vice President of India, flags off the project on International Day of Biological Diversity.

After cyclones Vardah and Gaja uprooted hundreds of trees in Tamil Nadu, the green cover has reduced drastically. In an initiative to help the state breathe easy, SASA group under the ideation and founder of green ambulance foundation, Dr. Abdul Ghani, introduced tree ambulance in the city on Wednesday. The chief guest of the event was Vice-president of the country, M Venkiah Naidu.

The services provided by the tree ambulance include first aid treatment, uprooted tree planting, seed bank, seed ball distribution, plant distribution, aiding tree plantation, shifting trees, survey of trees and removal of dead trees. The ambulance can be availed through the helpline number- 9941006786. People can register themselves as volunteers in their website-

Travelling along with the Tree ambulance is a plant expert and helpers who are armed with gardening tools, water, manure and pesticide.

“The idea of a tree ambulance is to save trees by caring for sick ones and helping bring back uprooted trees to their feet. With rising pollution levels and diminishing green space, it is vital for fully grown trees to be nurtured and protected. We have the complete equipment including latest mechanical tools, fungicides and fertilizers,” said Suresh Krishna Jadhav, founder, SASA Group.

He further added, “In phase two, we will completely automise the process of tree lifting and placing. Currently it is semi-automatic. This should happen by December. Our ultimate goal is to set up a tree ambulance in each district of India and develop strong volunteer community to support this program.”

About SASA Group

SASA is a company that is a catalyst for positive change. Their mission is to ensure enduring value at every step by delivering solutions that are creative, scalable and sustainable. They have several companies under the group including SIMTEK, VISMECH, Bator Technologies, SASA Engineering, Autocrib, AIQM and Prasade.


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