Tubelight Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy drama * the script thinks back of a couple of erstwhile movies.

Synopsis: The debut director Indra has been examined the new script, the story moves with humour and keeps a thin line screenplay how the hero balance himself from a physical problem and leads his normal life and how he struggles and the way he manages everything in a simple way. The actor Pandiarajan plays a patronizing role as an inexperienced doctor.

Story: In the opening hero Indra is a carefree college guy, who plays with a man and tantalize him a lot and demanding the money for the sake of excitement and he met with an accident, this causes him a peculiar disease, that he would not able to hear the sound immediately after a few minutes later he can able to realize the sound. In this stage, he was getting attracted to a girl who she is an art therapist and an orphan, he hides the weakness to the girl and finally the hero proposes to the girl and the doctor getting success in his treatment is generated with sentiment splash and funniness buffers here and there in the film.

The director Indra is a indued guy and he has been given best by his performances, being a first appearance on screen, struggles a lot in different fields, Pandiarajan experience speaks out well in his acting in this film, heroine Adhithi was simple and vindicated her character by the performances.

The villain character was innocent in the opening and he becomes as a comic villain at the end.

Verdict: the title Tubelight does not mean he is not an idiot, the character is slow in his actions.





Praveen Prem




Director * Indra

Producer * Ravi Narayanan

Production House * Ostrich Media Productions

Music * Indra

Cinematography: Sridhar D.F.T

Editing * C. S. Prem

Art Direction * U.J. Murugan

Choreography * Sri Krishna

Costume Design * M. Chinnasamy

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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