Uchakattam Movie Review

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The sequences made peaks up in every aspect of the frames.

Synopsis: “Uchakattam” is a Kannada version film, which was dubbed in Tamil, from the beginning the screenplay jumps in high speed, which doesn’t made exhausted. The plot revolves on a murder and it was captured by Sai Dhanshika with her mobile phone, by this the film tending to spread out of quickly sequels.

The film was directed by Sunil Kumar Desai and the music was composed by Sanjoy Chowdhury. “Uchakattam” has “A” certification, which the frames hold bloody. The actor Thakur Anoop Singh comes in negative eccentric that he had carried him as a hero for the first time and Sai Dhanshika grips Thakur Anoop Singh as the lover.

Story: Thakur Anoop Singh and Sai Dhanshika both were lovers and they both move towards a hotel to celebrate the new year. As Sai Dhanshika was attracted by the celebration and she started capturing the things happening in and around. Suddenly, she was noticing that a girl who hit a man with a knife and the guy was spot out.

Now the culprit was noticed about her activity and they track her to kill, unfortunately she was dumped in a car Dicky and she was travelling along with the killer even she observed that death body beside her.

The lady was escaping from the killer and the killer realize that she was travelling along with him and the killer was updated about her to his Boss and the gang travels towards the forest area to the killer her.

Thakur Anoop Singh runs behind the culprit to safeguard his lover and in that situation, Thakur Anoop Singh noted, the culprit was raped his friend’s wife. Now by this tough scenarios Thakur Anoop Singh protect his lover, which was given in an engaged manner.

Verdict: Dubbing tedious

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Thakur Anoop Singh

Sai Dhanshika

Tanya Hope

Harshika Poonacha

Kabir Duhan Singh



Direct by * Sunil Kumar Desai

Music by * Sanjoy Chowdhury

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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