Ulkuthu Movie Review

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Genre: Action drama * literary based of frivolity, twirl is followed up, which intended the audience in the theatre.

Synopsis: The title “Ulkuthu” made a bewildered about the guy who enters into a Kuppam and he had a vengeful flashback, the hero Dinesh’s previous films which were attracted it was understood only by the screenplay rivals the eccentric for him, “Ulkuthu” the audience need to search for the face expression and performance. The director, Caarthick Raju focused on twist up contentedness, unfortunately it is usually sentimental revenge end up made to experience in the climax.

Story: Opening with the waggery track of Sura Shankar (Bala Saravanan), who sees an unknown guy Raja (Dinesh) in his Kuppam, while Sura Shankar interrogate Dinesh and says that he is an MBA graduate as his rich father got married and he has not interest to stay along with him, by telling this story Sura Shankar impressed with the richness and even he is a graduate guy too and planned to fix him as a bridegroom for his sister Kadalarasi (Nandita Swetha),

Now the guy Raja joins with a gangster and their job is to collect money from the local market people. The head of the raucous gang Kaaka Mani and his son Saravanan both murdered people who against to them and even kill their own gang. Now Raja creates situation to join in the Kaakka Mani’s gang and in a mulct circumstance Raja putting to death in Kaakka Mani’s son Saravanan. At a point, Sura Shankar and Kadalarasi observed that Raja is not an innocent guy and Kadalarasi starting to avoid him, now Raja opens up a flashback for the revenging the mobsters.

Dinesh performances are lacking, where in the situation his sister and uncle murdered, he doesn’t show any expression and even in the dialogues delivering only the mouth is shaking other than no strength in the acting, Bala Saravanan’s comedy is the only plus for the film. Cinematography of PK Verma is about average, the music composer Justin Prabhakaran gives an exerting balance for the audience. John Vijay poise positive eccentric in a negative role, Chef Damodaran’s good attempt on the big screen and unluckily Chaya Singh come in a sister role even though nice to see her again on silver screen.

Verdict: Watchable for one time.


Dinesh * Raja

Nandita Swetha

Bala Saravanan * Sura Shankar

John Vijay

Chaya Singh

Sharath Lohitashwa * Kaaka Mani

Dhilip Subbarayan * Saravanan

Chef Damodaran

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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