Uppu Karuvaadu Movie Review

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uppukaruvaaduGenre: Waggery * dialogue delivery by the artists, induces the film viewing audience by the others showing their more gimcrack exhilaration.

Outline: The feelings of the film director, he’s struggling were exaggerated and getting compromised, in the upcoming stages and committed to his third film, before the movie was getting flopped another one stopped in the mid of the shooting. The gang of people searching for a producer, for their love based story.

Story: The director (Radha Mohan) cartel on the full stretch in a comedy based film. Wholly the characters of Uppu Karuvaadu team undertook to entertain the audience with the formula of queer as their essence. A group of people in the film, a leading role (Chandran) focuses on making a play script and the Mayilswamy character availing the Chandran and even stretches the comedies. A producer (M. S. Bhaskar) daughter plays a heroine role and she was trained by Karunakaran group. See to it, the filmmaker Chandran’s movie gets completed successfully.

The innocuous Nandita Swetha had performed obscure in the acting, is hard to perform in such a role. (Saraswathi Sabatham) Manorama slightly resembles, which flash to observe, the assistant director, the way of speaking English and makes enjoyable in the theatre.

Verdict: An entertaining comedy drama.

Nandita Swetha

Karunakaran * Chandran

Narayan Lucky

Sathish Krishnan


Elango Kumaravel

M. S. Bhaskar


Rachitha Rachu

Nakkamukka Senthil

Dindigul Saravanan


Directed * Radha Mohan

Produced * Ramjee Narasiman

Music * Steeve Vatz

Cinematography * Mahesh Muthuswami

Edited * T. S. Jay

Production company First Copy Pictures Night Show Cinema

Distributed by Auraa Cinemas


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