Uriyadi 2 Movie Review

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An impact of industrial forces merged with politicians made consequences for the common people. 

Synopsis: “Uriyadi 2” gives a sharp blow on  Sengathir Malai people’s issues the feeling of distress and disability that they have faced something bad happen incidentally. “Uriyadi 2” gives a great expectation of director Vijay Kumar tried to hit on the politicians influences social status and the industrialist plays a critical role in the society. 

In the opening, an industrialist survives in the aboard that he controls his chemical factory, he has clever with the business tactics, with the least maintenance and damaged conditions of material lead to trouble, in the case that he sketches for a copper factory.

Initially, the director had contributed some commercial stuffs with the heroine. Before the intermission, the audience would realize the tempo sequences for five minutes, which the MIC gas substance leak out it causes the greater aftermath. 

Story: The trio chemical engineering graduates expectation is to work in a leading city. Unfortunately, in the Chennai city engineering students were jobless and the guys parent advised to work in the hometown. The friends were getting placed in a chemical factory for the less salary. 

In the same factory Vismaya gives treatment who affects by the chemical reactions, both of them falls in love and her politician father who oppose towards their love. In the second half the story peaks up with the issues of MIC leakage, which the audience visualize Sterlite issue and Bhopal disaster.

The industrialist and politicians join the hands together and find out all the loopholes and coming out of the case. The hero Vijay Kumar looks out his village people suffering and pain that he takes the power, with goodish songs and BGM made a fierce experience for the audience.

In the film “Uriyadi 2” the actor Lenin Vijay Kumar gives a political revolutionary, most of the upcoming film targets on the election. In that category “Uriyadi 2” has been added. The Kollywood industry not only believed on commercial movies they focused to give awareness of social issues. In that list, hats off to the director.

Verdict: must watch 

Rating: 4 / 5


Vijay Kumar * Lenin Vijay



Shankar Thas



Directed by * Vjay Kumar

Produced by *   Surya

Written by * Vijay Kumar

Music by * Govind Vasantha

Production Company * 2D Entertainment

PRO * Yuvraaj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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