Uriyadi Movie Review

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UyiradiGenre: Regime thiller * involved in the hereditary rank folk have to sustain their power in the politics, coerces the viewers to make implying in the movie.
Synopsis:  A gang of four engineer students, their lethargic behaviors adopted into the energetic situation towards the college environment, the film moves slowly to entertain the audiences by showing the sequences related to the college. An engineer guy who was a womanizer and he was focusing on Lenin Vijay’s crushed girl friend with the Henna Bella. A politician who runs a Dhaba, near to the engineering college to maintain the financial crisis and to step up in the politics by the name of caste. The situations mashed upon with the four guys and their life gets in the twisted by the politicians.

Story: A political script, the film envisions in the year of 1999, four guys are the students (Vijay Kumar, Chandru, Jeyakanth and Sivaperumal) who have been frequent visits to the Dhaba where the politician formed patronage near to the collage, as the film runs usual gumption college guys’ attitudes, with the guileful, a politician (Kumar) planning to come forth by using his caste, a philandered is keen on VijayKumar’s ex-lover, Siva Perumal was insulting the womanizer, which leads to revenge on the guys. Unfortunately, the situations are upside down to the hombres, once in a night the guys were drunk and traveling on the roadside by a fortuitous, a grease box splash on the caste leader’s idol. A horrid circumstances occur to the guys, Siva Perumal goes to coma stage and his friends collapsing the politicians Kumar and his uncle plan.

Second half bursting out the avidity and the actors performed their role in the refined way. The songs are catchy, especially the promotional song at the end of the film.

Verdict: An avenging story.


Vijay Kumar
Mime Gopi
Citizen Siva Kumar
Siva Perumal


Written * Direction * Produced * Vijay Kumar

Co-producers * Nalan Kumarasamy
Sameer Bharath Ram
Satheesh Swaminathan(pinrom pictures)

Cinematography * Paul Livingstone

Editing * Abhinav Sunset Nayak

Music(Songs) * Masala Coffee

Background Score * Vijay Kumar

Stunt * Vicky

PRO * Nikkil


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