Uruthikol Movie Review

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Genre: A commixture of different relish *  emotions of a guy, which leads his life in a trenchant way.

Synopsis: The director Iyyanar bring out the movie about the young buds’s school life of their attitudes and behaviours, a group of tykes wandering their life happily with their friends. The screen play fluctuates after a few sequels the director projects the childish quixotic, at a stage, the concept deviants towards adolescence and what happens in the story is being a cracking disarray for the viewers.

Story: The director expresses Sasi Kumar’s childhood life in the beginning, an opening song gives a marvellous impact toward the hero even though for the viewers. By observing his teacher’s words in the classroom, that the duties of Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva made him to assume that he is a god and as soon as the song got over, nothing couldn’t see the encroachment of the song. A prolonged sequels of school life of the guys, how the children interact with their friends, in the examination hall, children’s attitudes and the school teachers behaviour towards the children all had been visualized.

The hero Sasi who had a sister, both studies in the same school, Sasi keeps an affair with Priyanka and Sasi’s sister gets loved with Sasi’s classmate. Once in a day, in the village function Sasi and his sister both were getting hit by a fellow and this made a crumbled in Sasi’s life.

The film started with one destination and end up with another situation. A variety of emotional were boosted with the scenes. In a sequel, techniques of how to malpractices in the public examination hall is too tedious. The songs are not much catchy. The actor Kaali Venkat comedies supported the film.

Verdict: Drama





kaali Venkat


Director * Iyyanar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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