Utharavu Maharaja Movie Review

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A long stretches of affecting with influenced by the human mind, the story imputes of psychological emotion that abstract, an uncomfortable feeling of mental painfulness with distress is experienced.

Synopsis: In the film “Utharavu Maharaja” Udhaya concentrate on the acting and in the production area and he is the one man show for the first half and a lot of mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behaviour overcomes.

In the second half, the viewers might believed on the senior actor Prabhu would have compromised the screenplay. Unfortunately, after his appearance the baseline elongates innumerous path that shows the boredom.

Story: A recognized person Prabhu who commands the wily man Ravi by his voice and with exposure of Raja Raja Cholan and Sentamizh controlling by a voice, even the title made a curious about the flick that content might be distinct, the expectations pulls down, once the movie started to roll out, which made to disturb, especially by irritations of the soundtrack.

The guy Ravi, born in a poor family that he observes money plays a vital role in any situation. But this awareness is given at the end of the film. The young boy who always behaved in a peculiar way that the doctor’s diagnosis him with a disease called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), that he affected by multi characters overlap in Ravi.

Now, the situation made critical for Ravi that his lover was complaint toward a police station that he was vanished about one month. Again, one more twist Vasu and Ravi are both characters are the same, which is suspected by the cop.

The investigation moves towards Kodaikanal in the second half, Prabhu who is a doctor and even specialize in networking, leads the film in different path and finally audience come to know that Ravi is a fake guy that he doesn’t hold by any disease and he is doing only for the sake of earning money in an illegal way and to secure himself that he had used up with disabilities drama was concluded at the climax.

Verdict: sound pollution

Rating: 1.5 / 5



Prabhu Ganesan

Kovai Sarala




M. S. Bhaskar


Thalapathi Dinesh


Directed by * Asif Kuraishi

Music by * Naren Balakumar

Cinematography * Balaji Ranga

Editing * Don Bosco

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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