Uttraan Movie Review

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Erstwhile pattern of love narration made tedious.

The director Rajagajini formulated a mere love script in this current situation, Tamil film industry has been getting updated by giving distinctive contents to drag the attention of the audiences. The director Rajagajini sampled the script with the new faces. The film “Uttraan” stuffed with the upcoming artists Roshan Udayakumar and Roshini Komali both were harmonizing their actings in the adequate way.

Roshan and Sudhakar both are friends, they were studying in the same college Sudhakar’s sister take care of his brother Sudhakar and his friend Roshan and even she was a lecturer at their college. As usual, Roshan aggregate himself as a leadership of the college and parallel Roshan falls in love with Roshini, both were strong enough to struggle with the villain father of Roshini.

In a situation, Roshini misunderstanding of Roshan and both were getting disclosed in their relationship, Sudhakar’s sister Priyanka makes a justification for Roshan behavior and at the final Roshini realizing of Roshan. The separate lovers were rejoining together. But, in the forthcoming sequels, goes with the old format and the final touch was trying to impress the viewers.

Immature screenplay with mature hero stuffed in the film, the new face hero Roshan Udayakumar proven his ability in his performances, Roshini doesn’t attract the audience and Priyanka given the best in her portions and other artists like Sudhakar, Imman Annachi Madhusudhanan Rao supports the script. On the technical side, N. R. Raghunanthan BGM was uttering out well.

Verdict: moderate content – struggling to impress.

Rating: 2 / 5


Roshan Udayakumar

Roshini Komali


Directed by * Rajagajini

Music by * N.R. Raghunanthan

PRO * Riaz K Ahmed

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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