UV Gullas college of Medicine Press Meet

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy number of people in a healthy community should have at least one doctor for a total of thousand as 1: 1000. But in our country, the rate of the doctor is 1: 1689 because the population is high in growth rate. According to the Medical Council of India, approximately 9.29 lakh physicians who have already registered about 7.5 lakh doctors are in service. As of today, 6 lakh doctors are required to reach the minimum health ratio of the WHO.

According to the MCI data, 55,000 doctors are coming up annually. In more detail, there are 61,220 seats in 479 medical colleges. Nearly 12 lakh students have applied for NEET 2017 and 6.1 lakh students qualified, but 10% of the qualified students are able to capture the seats as per their dream. This is also the same in our state that there are 6,100 places in 44 medical colleges, including self-financing medical colleges.

Despite the lack of compulsory donations of private colleges, due to the introduction of NEET, still the fees are so high and hence the people couldn’t reach the level of the need. It is a matter of worry about the lack of adequate seats in MBBS and also in PG medicine. Even if it is difficult to achieve their medical dream in PG level, even though it is successful in clinical trials at primary level ie after the successful completion of MBBS still it’s getting narrow.

At the same time, our students are studying schooling in English as a language or in English medium and hence they are willing to study medicine abroad. There is no worry about the future of medicine if they could find in US platform. Though the quality of medical education is being in the international level, the cost of the program is within the parent’s budget.

Mr.V.PKS Athithan, one of the leading and eminent educationalists, who has been creating awareness among the students about NEET exam and its features for the future. He simply clarifying that how ample the selection process is. He is encouraging the students at school level to have competitiveness by regularly meeting them through school and through the dialogue with their parents. He also emphasizes that global competitiveness will enrich the student’s future.

As per his confirmations during his latest field visit in East Asian Counties, he elaborated that students and parents are well aware of the abroad options as the benefits of the Internet usage. As of now the first option for all people is to study their medical degree MBBS in the Philippines. The number of admissions in the Philippines is increasing day by day since most doctors in the United States are educated in the Philippines. Many of the students from South India, especially from Tamil Nadu, have been studying recently at the Gullas Medical College (UV Gullas College of Medicine) of the 100-year-old University of Visayas.

The UV Gullas College administration ensures that all the facilities necessary for students with the aim to send more doctors to the US in each and every year. The management is from the heredity of the previous monarchy, which was in Philippines and hence to maintain the reputation ensures the higher quality at the lowest rate in line with the government norms. UV Gullas College is an autonomous college that provides continuous training courses based on problem solving method and enables our students to study deeply in the global level of research based medical education.

Especially in anatomical research, the cadaver facility and the walk in of numerous patients is an ample feature of the unique advanced quality of UV College. And for all students, they also carry out a number of specialized exercises and classes for competitive examinations. This makes it easier for students to prepare for all type of competitive examinations and enhances their performance in the international level examinations like United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and MCI Screening Test Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).

Since the language other than English is not at all required, full attention is being given by our students so as to prepare in the next level without any distraction. The Cebu city is located in the same straight line in the east of Chennai. The climate is similar to Madras, so without any discomfort and without any hassle or any kind of health issues, all our students have been enjoying this opportunity to come up in life. Simply this UV Gullas Medical College creates the experts with extraordinary skills since the syllabus and the training methodology are extra when compared to other institutions.

UV Gullas Medical College, which has a lot of highlights in additional to the above , has set up its direct admission office for the benefits of Indian students and parents in Chennai itself at 100 feet road near the Shiva Temple in Vadapalani . The web sites (www.uvgullas.com /www.uvgullascollegeofmedicine.com) and mobile numbers / WhatsApp numbers are by 91 944 555 38 77 / 91 944 555 48 77…will be helpful to have Immediate admission in a safe manner .

Because of this world class medical education, we will have the good number of highly qualified doctors around us. A good and healthy human resource will be developed for our country and a good development will be there in the near future.


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