Vaalu Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * are glutted in the movie in the appearance of Santhanam in his  vernacular styles and combination  with Silambarasan its in peak of pestering.

The romance * gist was not found in the movie, compare to his previous films.

Sentiment * has been equalized in the trend of towards to this generation. 

Outline: In an elongate of years and unveiling multi symmetry flourishes by Vijay Chander in the movie on  “Vaalu” contentedness is which audience can judge of love stem film  acted by Silambarasan. In Tamil the word Vaalu heralds as “naughty”, but the heroine and hero friends made a nickname, because of his naughtiness as Sharp. In a situation,  Sharp was attracted by Priya Mahalakshmi beauty and fall on love. But Priya had  been  mentally rigid with her childhood cousin. 

Story: With an expectation of Silambarasan movie commence with a gang of people enjoying and the hero is a jobless and attempted  in his twelve standard, one of his friends Tyre (Santhanam) helping him to get a job, which makes the audience to enjoy the interview sequence with the  MD. Being a jobless person, father taking care of his son with full of affection, in these scenes viewers’ never missed out father sentiment.  Sharp has been falling love at first sight with Priya and she was engaged with Anbu. Sharp naughtiness and love was grasped Priya in the lengthy script.

Manthra character has a great entry in a portion of the movie, think that to the audience movie moves in a different path, but the first entry is the last entry for Manthra in the film. Jai has appeared in a scene as a guest role, it’s a trend in the upcoming movies. Silambarasan dialogue delivery collateral, like “sila pera pakka pakka pidikum enna pathaudnae pidikum” all makes viewers to relish in the theatre. Final touch Priya furious cousin (Anbu) delivered the same dialogue and his sacrifice Priya with Sharp. 

Verdict: Too Vaalu (Lengthy) in the script. 


Directed by Vijay Chander

Produced by S. S. Chakravarthy

Written by Vijay Chander

Screenplay by Vijay Chander

Cinematography Shakthi

Edited by T. S. Suresh

Production company NIC Arts

Distributed by Chimbu Cine Arts 


Silambarasan  as Sharp

Hansika Motwani as Priya Mahalakshmi

Santhanam as Tyre (K.Kirubagaran)

VTV Ganesh as Kutti Paiyaa

Brahmanandam as MD

Aditya as Anbu


Aadukalam Naren as Sharp’s Father

Sriranjini as Sharp’s Mother

Misha Ghoshal as Priya’s Friend

Tiger Thangaraj as Sharp’s Friend

Dheena as Anbu’s henchman

Mahadevan as Priya’s Father

Jai in Special Appearance



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