Vada Chennai Movie Review

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Genre: A resembles of North Madras, the housing or residential area’s language was noticed in a real way and a vulgar peak at the top.

Synopsis: Vetrimaran and Dhanush combination works out well, a list of movies like “Polladhavan”, “Aadukalam”, and “Kodi” leads to blend again in the title of “Vada Chennai” as entitle manifest that the script travels in the place of North Madras. Patently, there is no doubt, North Chennai based films always contains rowdyism and set of trade mark language, that we have seen in the quondam movies.

The script had firmer stratum, it was filled with actions that mould of fierceness, the sequence tracks on willing to face danger. The director project with numerous artists to give a full of zest or vigorous touch. The film “Vada Chennai” has been relating to the location and the characteristics are emerging in fine blends. Even smells out of political influences that keeps on making fluctuations in the every scenario.

Story: The baseline has been made the act of deliberate betrayal, that a gang of ruffians, who murders a voiced man, which is created arduous situation, the four toughs Guna, Senthil, Velu and Sai Dheena all are made the scenes in an inspired manner by a feeling of fearful wonderment.

Here is our hero, Anbu who is a lethargic guy and like to play Carrom and he falls in love with Padma, which the both guys love track travels in one direction and by observing the scenario Anbu gets cleared, that the rowdies were not in good agreement. 

Since after the murder, which happened in the hotel that they made an agreement Guna and Velu decided to surrendering in the jail, among four of them Senthil exposed that he will come to jail for giving the bail. 

Now the situation has gone on wrongly, both of them missed out from the promise and this circumstance made atrocious among the gangster and this situation was utilized by Anbu for his job. The film stratum of rowdyism stretches till the end the story.

The director stuffed all sorts of political possible events which links the years ago. The actor Dhanush holds the screenplay with strong execution,  Andrea and Aishwarya both support in an adequate way. The background music and songs of Santhosh Narayanan worked out well. 

Verdict: Real Vada Chennai – observed on the screen.

Rating: 3 / 5


Dhanush * Anbu

Ameer *Rajan

Aishwarya Rajesh *Padma

Andrea Jeremiah * Chandra

Samuthirakani * Guna

Daniel Balaji * Thambi

Kishore * Senthil

Pawan * Velu

Radha Ravi * Muthu


Directed by * Vetrimaran

Produced by * Dhanush

Written by * Vetrimaran

Music by * Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography * Velraj

Edited by * G. B. Venkatesh

Production Company * Wunderbar Films

Distributed by * Lyca Productions

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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