Vaigai Express Movie Review

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vaigai_expressGenre: Thriller * contentedness gives the heroic tale keeps meshes with many eccentrics.

Synopsis: The film was directed by Shaji Kailas, “Vaigai Express” characteristics Neetu in a double role for the first time in her career, and she had the firm roles in the film comparisons with the other artists. The story is based on how Samsudheen identify the killers of the three ladies in the Vaigai Express train.

Story: In the opening a terrorist RK Selvamani travel in a Vaigai Express train, he gets arrested by the police and he was tied to the three murders. The three young women Radhika Neetu Chandra, a classical dancer Thulasi Mani and a TV News channel reporter Yamini travel in the AC coach of the Vaigai Express border to Madurai from Chennai, initially Nazzar was investigating the case and its hand over to a special police team of Samsudheen. Now the cop Samsudheen finds out that the terrorist is not the killer and he investigates the other passengers who were in the train an actress Ineya and her family, four young doctor friends, TTR M. S. Bhaskar, even actress ex boy friend’s family and the coach helper, every one were screwed by the investigation. Check out the film in the theatre who are the killers of the women.

The film “Vaigai Express” made a thrilling investigation and the sequences move runs fast, and the climax gives a twist and give us atonement at the end of the film.

Verdict: Vaigai Express train very fast!!!


R. K.

Neetu Chandra







R. K. Selvamani


M. S. Bhaskar

Ramesh Khanna


John Vijay



Madhan Bob



by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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