Valiyavan Movie review

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Valiyavan is a perfect title for the movie, and the artists have shown their appropriate emotions. An innocent character Vinoth (Jai) made his soft performance in the open. The hero shows his all juvenile attitude, whereas he had drunk and travelling with (Subhiksha) Andrea.

His naive nature was paying attention towards the heroine, and expressing her crush on jai. In one stage, Andrea’s well-wisher advised to drop her love on jai. In this dilemma, Jai’s proposal was rejected by Andrea. . In one location, Villain (Ashwin Ranjith) getting insulted in the public place, jai’s family hopeless and disappointed by facing punch from international boxer.

Here in the second half, the director showed jai in a different perspective, his innocent behavior disappeared and get up make the audience that he has shown his serious act in the movie. Watch the movie on the big scene, how he turned up in fury. The story makes the audience to enjoy and simultaneously to think, an ordinary man gets disturbed he can achieve his power.


Jai * Hero * Vinoth

Andrew Jeremiah * Heroine * Subhiksha

Aaran Chaudhary * Villain * Ashwin Ranjith

Alagam Perumal * Hero’s Father * Raguram

Anupama Kumar * Hero’ Mother * Selvi

Balasaravanan * Hero’s Friend * Mani


Director * M. Saravanan

Music * D. Imman

Producer * K. N. Sampath (SK Studios)


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