Valla Desam Movie Review

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Genre: An action * based script which being active and keeps the audience in heartinesses. 

Synopsis: The film “Valla Desam” is a next step for the actress Anu Haasan and she is tending up with the leading role. The artists Nassar, Amit, David and Andrei were pictured on screen to support the flick. The movie “Valla Desam” Anu was playing a vital role and works for a hidden factor, she goes for a missionary work towards London and to arrest the most required international smuggler David.

In this circumstance, David was misunderstood about that Anu hubby as an undercover agent and kills him. Of all this, the things go upside down, Anu’s daughter was unfortunate fixed up somewhere. By all critical condition, Anu has to safeguard her daughter and had the duty to protect the country from the grievous guy. 

The actress Anu had given her portion in a tranquil way, Nassar always fixes in that eccentric. The music director  LV Muthukumaraswamy’s gives the decent composing. 

Verdict: An entertaining drama


Anu Hasan


Bala Singh

V. I. S. Jayapalan




Directed by * N. T. Nantha

Produced by * K. Raveendran Emmanuel

Written by * N. T. Nantha

Music by * L. V. Muthukumaraswamy

Cinematography * N. T. Nantha

Edited by * Deepak S. Dwaraknath

Production company * Lakxshanna Pictures

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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