Vanamagan Movie Review

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“Heart touch amorous geared up in Vanamagan movie”

Genre: Venturous frantic * which heap towards the sentiments.

Synopsis: As an actor Jayam Ravi congeals the effectuates in opting his characterisation, even gets success by hitting the films and he understands the young generation perceptiveness that he goes for the newfangled scripts. The leading roles in the movie (Vanamagan) done by Jayam Ravi, his body languages and facial expression give the whizz towards the film, Sayyeshaa Saigal had given her delirious performances and the artists Prakash Raj, Thambi Ramaiah and Varun were holding the film. The screenplay blows on trial people life styles, their agony was pictured and the director stuffed with commercial content to entertain the viewers.

Story: The director A. L. Vijay’s “Vanamagan” is based on both the forest and urban entertainment flick, the richest girl Kavya (Sayyeshaa Saigal), who lost her parents from the childhood, her business and even Kavya under the control of Rajasekhar (Prakash Raj), he is the family friend of Kavya’s father. She was travelling to the Andaman and Nicobar with her friends to celebrate the new year party. In the dense forest, regrettably she was hitting a tribal guy who was in the name of Jara (Jayam Ravi) and they were escaping from the Island then all are reaching Chennai along with Jara, but Jara loses his memories. In the condition, Kavya’s friends ignore her contact to run away from that tribal guy’s tortures, Kavya was tied up with emotions and started to understand Jara’s behaviours and she calls him as Vaasi, then after Kavya mastery on the strongest tribal man and the fellow mesmerism with Kavya words and actions. In the parallel, Jara was wanted by the cops, they were traced out his place. He was getting arrested and send to the Island for a reason to kill him. In the second half Jara’s flashback story in the forest, why he was forced to kill and will Kavya’s life end in urban or starts in the forest with the sensible amorous sequels.

Thambi Ramaiah take care of Kavya and stay with her to safeguard, simultaneously his comedies are elicited to the audience. As usual, Jayam Ravi puts up his energy in every sequence, the heroine looks attractive in each and every frame. The film speaks out about the enigmatic life of tribal people.

Technical side CGI work on a lot, while the tiger chases and fighting scenes with the tiger.

Verdict: Jungle vs Urban


Jayam Ravi * Jara (Vaasi)

Sayyeshaa Saigal * Kavya

Prakash Raj * Rajasekhar

Thambi Ramaiah * Pandian

Varun * Vicky

Sam Paul

Vela Ramamoorthy *Jara’s father

Raja Rani Pandian * The Traffic Police

Sanjay Bharathi

Ramya Subramanian



Directed * A. L. Vijay

Produced * A. L. Azhagappan

Written * A. L. Vijay

Music * Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography * Tirru

Edited * Anthony

Production company * Think Big Studio

Distributed * Kona Film Corporation

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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