Vandi Movie Review

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Title-holder and the story fulfilment of a need that furtherance of an effort towards the purpose is done by a Yamaha RX 100 bike plays a significant role throughout the film.

Synopsis: The consisting of the characterized, the way impressive of a story that comes under quantity by an integer, travels about the three guy’s life goes under a twist, all were happening in the most unexpected tracks.

The director Rajeesh Bala concentrated with triplet concepts. With this, a yellow colour Duttu RX 100 travel with the story and the sinless buddies who are Krishna, Rafiq and Arun were getting tired by this journey.

Even, Duttu consider as an eccentric and in several sequels Duttu interacts with the audience the way it suffers with the people and enjoys when girls ride on it. In the Kollywood cinema distinctive storytelling comes under in a seldom, in that phase Vandi is followed by unfermented category.

Story: The three eccentric Krishna works in a restaurant, Rafiq concentrated with a roadside fast food and Arun hired in the railway parking area. All the three needs with the money. In this situation Krishna mislay a smart phone of a ruffian. The guy Krishna needs a job, when he was exploring for a job that he targets of a bike, as his job is to collect money from the public.

Krishna seeks help from Arun, as he works in a parking area that they plan to steal a bike for 3 days. Now Arun chooses for a Duttu, Krishna starts his job with Duttu on the final day Krishna realized that Duttu has ramification along with Duttu the guys faces the difficulties and finally Duttu and the guys how they were coming out from the problem is the climax.

As in the Tamil industry, the audience expected with the wittiness, that couldn’t observed throughout the film, which keeps up with vaguely in the screenplay, Vidaarth deranged with the dialogues and John Vijay made some move strenuously and with effort.

The songs and BGM of Sooraj Kurup made a brightly by the radiant beauty towards the sequences, innumerable characters are overlapping is the hindrance. Overall, the film “Vandi” travels in many paths.

Vandi: old bike

Rating: 2/5




John Vijay


Directed by * Rajeesh Bala

Music by * Sooraj S Kurup

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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