Vanna Jigina Movie Review

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jihinaGenre: Love life * in a decent and voguish towards youngster audience  expectation has been fulfilled.

Technology enhances * the script in high tech.

Outline: The movie lead in with a familiar voice explicates the hero’s love, tragedy, the hero makes suicide attempt on the hill station with the four reasons. A Discerned vox lists out the first reason is the name Paavadai, second is his complexion, third is the IT Professional people gives torture by beverage alcohol in the car and final reason is the no girl friend.

Story: Thirrupathi brother and N. Lingusaamy present a commercial modernistic high tech play script, a gang of IT people. Celebrate the Valentine’s day, but the hero (Paavadai) is not pulled out with any young women, his appearance and his complexion make him worried. The gang of people establishes the influence of Facebook. They set up a fake account and gimmick the beautiful girl (Angel Priya). They both were fascinated by their voices. The hero work is basically a taxi guy, both traveling made introductions with one side.

On the edge of the hill a young woman in a screaming voice seeks to suicide, here is a twirl for the couple. Both have been created a fake profile, on Facebook, at a level, both aware taking a right decision on the edge point.

Angel Priya is a group singer, when she was out of her room, handmaid
Use a laptop and start to chatting make it ludicrous, but show the intellectual abilities of common people. An extra character (George) was dogging a Facebook.  The dialogue deliverance was drawn to the viewers’ beauty will perish at 40 years affection will travel for the long-term. The songs are certain to whisper, the audience out of the theatre. Compare to Angele Priya, Karugamani is a gorgeous in performance.

Verdict: Facebook had dominated in the film to lift the script.

Artist list: Hero * Vijay Vasanth * Paavadai

Heroine * Saniyathara * Angel Priya

Supporting role * Ravi Mariya * Saavi

Comedian * Kumki Ashwin * Ashwin

Supporting role * Sugu Venkat * Kishor Kumar

Villain * Ansen Paul * Georgous

Supporting role * Sridevi * Karugamani

Technician list:

Direction * Ravi Nanda Periyasaami

Cinematography * Balaji V. Ranga

Editor * Gopi Krishna

Music director * John Peter

Fight Master * ‘Super’ Sundar

Choreography * Sridhar

Lyrics * Yuva Bharathi

Art Director * Ganesh Devaraj

PRO * Suresh Chandra – D’ one

Designer * Gibson

Producer * N. Subaash Chandra Bose & K. Thirukadal Kadal Uthayam



  1. Ennada Ennada…   Ramesh
  2. Rosa poo ravikai    Hariharasudan
  3. Kaathodo         Surjith, Vinaytha
  4. Ayyo en ithayathula  Jaya moorthu


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