Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven Movie Review

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STR’s family sentiments exploded into emotions, deception formulas of comedy and action which meshing to grab the audience.

Synopsis: In the Kollywood industry Simbu had proven a strong position with his stylish outlook, by the body language and delivering of the firm punch dialogues and even many ups and down was there in his movies “Chekka Chivantha Vaanam” among the three brothers, he ventured a unique lineament.

“Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven” made a decent step for STR’s carrier, the director Sundar C moved out from the usual format of full fledged comedies that he has worked with some sentimental sequels, the baseline is from 2013’s film “Attarintiki Daredi” which the actor Pawan Kalyan gives a great success in Tollywood.

Normally, Simbhu’s films were stuffed with full of vigorous and freshness, energy and kicking of his past and present lifestyle, the film “Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven” contains a relationship bond. STR plays in Raja (Adhithya) eccentric, that his aunt Nandhini, 25 years before who elope with a guy Prabhu (Prakash). But Nandhini’s family member moves towards Milan to develop their business and even to forget the tragedy happened after Nandhini’s marriage.

Story: “VRV” which is modified according to the Tamil audience, Adhithya is a rich guy and his grandfather Raghunandan (Nassar) and father Suman, who built up their business in the country of Milan. The family members face an unstable situation in their business and without Nandhini’s appearances, Raghunandan’s authority force will move out to someone else, if Nandhini hasn’t joined with the family.

To avoid this critical circumstance and with a warmth, Raghunandan send his grandchild Adhithya to Chennai that he wanted to see his daughter Nandhini. The fascinating man, once steps in Nandhini’s house that he realized how the way his brother-in-law look after his aunt and that she never forget about pass tragedy and even she avoids everyone for not accepting her love marriage.

The rich guy, who joins as a driver in his aunt’s house in the name of Raja and try to take Nandhini to his grandfather’s place, Raja sort out the issues faced by Nandhini and her family members. But, Nandhini never accepts Raja and his family members that what they have done for her. With all crisis Raja takes his aunt to their place and Nandhini is joined with them or not is the balance script.

The up-and-coming Silambarasan’s matured performances come out well, unfortunately lacking in his dance, which was observed that he was struggling with the steps. The senior artists Prabhu and Ramya Krishnan balanced their performances with the full-blown acting, the young girls Catherine Tresa and Megha Akash both done their job neatly, the director given balanced opportunities to the girls, Robo Shankar and VTV Ganesh come throughout film to support the actor Silambarasan and in the second half Yogi Babu comical is extra fitting, especially in the dramatic sequel.

As it is old content in Tamil cinema that ego clashes with the relationship, “VRV” come in a distinctive way.

Verdict: a decent family story.

Rating: 3 / 5


Silambarasan * Aadithya “Aadhi” (Raja)

Megha Akash * Maya Prakash

Catherine Tresa * Priya Prakash

Prabhu * Prakash

Ramya Krishnan * Nandhini Prakash

Nassar *Raghunandhan

Mahat Raghavendra * Rohit


Radha Ravi


Amit Tiwari

Yogi Babu * Azhagu

Robo Shankar * Bucket

VTV Ganesh * Roshan


Vichu Vishwanath

Abhishek Shankar

Gowtham Sundararajan



Gowthami Vembunathan


Directed by * Sundar C.

Produced by * Allirajah Subaskaran

Screenplay by * Sundar C.

Music by * Hiphop Tamizha

Cinematography * Gopi Amarnath

Edited by * N. B. Srikanth

Production Company * Lyca Productions

PRO * Riaz K Ahmed

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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