Vedalam Movie Review

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VedalamGenre: Persuasion * touches with the relationship between the rowdy and with the innocent family.

Funniness * targets all the sides, hush the rowdy (Ajith) entertains with innocent mixed up comedies.

Coquet * between the hero and heroine is less in a decent approach.

Action * portions are high in tempo in the action sequences and by the music director.

Outline: An action movie written and directed by Siva, parade an excited and thrilling drama for this Diwali feast for the Thala Ajith fans. A fair, Smiling and innocent appearance of Thala introduction makes kicking the bucket to the audiences, at a stretch sequence Thala’s backbreaking face observed by the villains and to the viewers’ by exposing flashback to the Shruthi Haasan. Vedalam (Ganesh) do whatever for the money, but the sentiment twists his character.

Story: The title Vedalam (apparition) a raucous stuffed his inner feelings, the hero Ajith with his sister (Lakshmi Menon) traveling to the east part of India (Kolkata) to make an admission in a college, the hero placed as a taxi driver in the unknown city. The Kolkata polices arranging for the taxi driver meeting to do help as an informer to arrest the illicit masses, but the innocent guy Ganesh starts to murder the group. Check out the movie in the theatre is the hero Ajith rowdy comes the police or the reason rump for the revenging in a repulsive way.

The movie initial stage starts in Kolkata, and the hero unfamiliar with the language, but he communicates in his language only in few areas dubbed voices are observed in other characters, even as a taxi driver in first customer Shruthi Haasan travels to the right destination evinces cinematic. Kovi Sarala less in her areas, but Soori compensate the place of Vadivelu to get kicks. The music director Anirudh background effects extraordinary to uplift the tone down script.

Verdict: Fete treats, logical were ditched to experience.


Ajith * Ganesh / Vedalam

Shruthi Haasan * Swetha

Lakshmi Menon * Tamizh

Ashwin * Arjun

Soori * Laxmidas

Kabir Duhan Singh * Abhinay

Rahul Dev * Ratna Bhai

Aniket Chouhan * Aniket

Vidyullekha Raman * comedy gundu

Bala Saravanan


Rajendran as “Kolkata” Kaali


Vasu Vikram

Kovai Sarala

Mansoor Ali Khan



Ramesh Thilak

Yogi Babu

Meera Krishnan


Directed * Siva

Produced * S. Aishwarya

Written * Siva

Music * Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography * Vetri

Edited * Ruben

Production company * Shri Sai Raam Creations

Running time * 148 minutes

PRO * Suresh Chandra


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