Veerathevan Movie Review

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Genre: Sentimental * nostalgic feeling of emotion.

Story: The film opens with the funeral sequel about a young man and the song composed of his birth renown and the guy’s wife ritual ceremony was happening, in that situation, her brothers were punches about dialogue after killing of a man, who murdered their sister’s husband, then the ceremony function end up on that day. The picture was directed by Veeran Selvarasu.

Now, the scene moves towards the flashback, the younger sister who was happy with college life and her brother avoids the proposal to get married, that she had to complete her education. In this situation, a young man keep affair on the lady and both were getting married with the help of his friend and finally he is a person who killed his friend. Check out the reason behind, why he murdered his friend.

The actors are new to the film, so it’s hard to accept for the audiences. The film is based on a village oriented screenplay and was makes drowsiness to the viewers and not made comfortable from the beginning.

Verdict: Tiresome script.





Directed by * Veeran Selvaraj

Produced by * Karate Gopalan

Music by * S. Dharmaprakash

Written by * Veeran Selvaraj

Cinematographer * Magesh K Dev

Edited by * AK Nagaraj

Production Banner * G.S Movies

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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