Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 Movie Review

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Genre: Waggery * not to the beyond level

Synopsis: VIP version 1 eccentrics and environs are kept back in the version 2, Dhanush not only the hero of the movie he had concentrated in the multi area of co-producing, the film’s story and dialogues are focused. The direction part track by Soundarya Rajnikanth. In the part – 2 Raghuvaran (Danush) Who is a firm basement for the development of Anitha constructions, he is getting winning award in the opening. The film commemorates the issues Jallikattu protests and the Chennai floods.

Story: As the young civil engineer Raghuvaran and the Shalini (Amala Paul) Were lover in the VIP – 1, their relationship was sustained as the husband and wife in the VIP-2, But she always scolds, shouts and blames without the reasons this was her character projected in the VIP-2. In an award function Vasundra Constructions’ employees will be achieved with all categories, but for the best Engineer award goes to Raghuvaran of Anitha constructions.

After a long gap Kajol stepped in Tamil industry, an egocentric character of Vasudhara who is a chairman of Vasudhara construction, which was a leading construction in the South India, the voguish lady wants to take Raghuvaran in her company, to get a best in all the fields, but Raghuvaran denies the offer from Vasudhara that he keeps the loyalty towards Anitha Construction and his dream is to run a own company with VIP gang.

In this circumstance, Vasundra and Raghuvaran both becomes as an antagonist. In this ego clash Vasundra turns out to a loss of 600 Crores construction deal to Raghuvaran because of her attitude and her losses was bursting out which provokes Vasundra’s ego on the peak.

Forthwith, Vasundra influence to put down Anitha Constructions, to protect Anitha Construction from the great deprivation, Raghuvaran comes out from the Anitha Construction and again Raghuvaran becomes a jobless guy to challenge Vasundra, with all contending the fellow will start up his dream with VIP gang and he overcomes on Vasundra, the story was moved along with Vivek and his Thankapushpam ludicrous which drags towards drowsiness

By opening up with Kajol just only appearing for the catwalk, in the Raghuvaran character Danush hold on to the script. Version – 2 is missed out the awaited music in the absence of Anirudh.

Verdict: Expectation not found, a slightly twists down the dashing hopes.


Dhanush * Raghuvaran

Kajol * Vasundhara Parameshwar

Amala Paul * Shalini Raghuvaran

Ritu Varma * Anitha

Saranya Ponvannan * Bhuvana (Raghuvaran’s mother)


Directed * Soundarya Rajnikanth

Produced * Dhanush
Kalaipuli S. Thanu

Written, Story and Dialogues * Dhanush

Music * Sean Roldan

Velaiilla Pattadhari Tunes * Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography * Sameer Thahir

Edited * Prasanna GK

Production company * Wunderbar Films
V. Creations

Distributed * V. Creations

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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