Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran Movie Review

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Velainu Vandhutta VellaikaaranDrollery * inches in every sequence, the burst of grossness outright in some components.

Synopsis: The director was completely wrapped the film with an ingredient of comedy, as the hero and heroine were part of engaged in the film. The whole attention of the viewer’s was seized by the comedy artists. The word ‘Pushpa Purushan’ stress whenever Soori appears on the screen. The film kickoff moderately and discern the waggery is being overwhelms.

Story: The director Ezhil’s movies list ‘Manam Kothi Paravai’,  ‘Vellaikaara Durai’ based on comedy, “VVV” is a full-fledged to entertain the audiences, as the hero rattling firm to an MLA Jacket Janakiraman (Robo Shankar), Murugan (Vishnu Vishal) were arranged in 25 pairs, alas Pushpa’s groom was missed and Soori has been replaced and he looked up for a gold ring, Pushpa’s intention to get the things from MLA. Once the marriage gets over,  subsequently they were being apart, the news was spread out to everyone, even to his fiancee, corner surviving people identify him as the ‘Pushpa Purushan’, unfortunately Soori had not mindful about Pushpa was a ‘record dancer’.

Next is MLA jacket Janakiraman is loyal to the Minister, and the Minister was counting his days, Minister’s wife and brother-in-law (Ravi Maria) Aegir to know where the illegal money was struck.
“Archana’s (Nikki Galrani) the dream is to join in the police department, merely her father giving ten lakhs to Murugan for the recommendation. In all these decisive situations, Robo Shankar was meeting with an accident. He was recovered in the condition of ten years old boy. Finally, without the logic the film end up, the money is reached to prehensile people or used for good crusade.

Vishnu Vishal had given path to the comedian to get the success for the film. Certainly the film has never screwed for the producers. Robo Shankar and Soori have been stolen out by the comedies Nikki Galrani gorgeous and soft, not much fired in police appearance. In conclusion tactile Rajendran appears as a leader of the ghosts gets clapping from the audiences.

Verdict: Not to reasoning, confirmed laughed openly, without tiresome. Title of the film oral matches on screen by the hero!!!


Vishnu *  Murugan

Nikki Galrani * Archana


Reshma Pasupuleti * Pushpa

Nikesh Ram

Aadukalam Naren

Ravi Marital

Robo Shankar






Directed * Ezhil

Produced * Vishnu Vishal
Rajan Natraj

Written * Ezhil

Music * C. Sathya

Cinematography * Shakthi

Edited * Ananda Lingakumar

Production company * Vishnu Vishal Studios Ezhilmaaran Production

Distributed * Fox Star Studios


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