Vellai Pookal Movie Review

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Before growing a bud was getting violated in the society, was given in delirious anticipation of a suspenseful climax.

Synopsis: “Vellai Pookal” captured the entire sequels in the place of the US, “Vellai Pookal” to seize the audience attention team move around the surmised, which contain full fledged of thriller. The film “Vellai Pookal” had 122 minutes, which knot in with the many suspicious, at the climax simplifies the knot with Rudhran’s (Viek), investigation.

Many of the American associated artists have been involved to support the film, “Chinna Kalaivanar” Vivek has taken on in a retired police officer eccentric, which he mixed up emotions, sentiment, action and convey an awareness toward the people that young children had to be safeguarded, other than Charle, Pooja Devariya and Dev holds the script.

In the opening, Rudhran investigation proven his efficiency. A family member was killed in a puzzled manner, that he identified the culprit within a short span and recognizes the Motto for murdered of the family. By the probe, a small school going girl was abused, with this sample effective investigation Rudhran is getting retirement and by his higher officer’s order Rudhran decided to move US, where his son and daughter in law were surviving.

Story: The retired cop Rudhran doesn’t accept his daughter in law initial as she was an American citizen, Rudhran failed to adopt US life styles and he worried to survive. But Ajay’s colleague, who is an Indian lady that they both of them travels towards the office together and her parent Bharathi (Charle), who were closer to Ajay’s family and Rudhran was satisfied with the Bharathi’s companion.

Now, Rudhran retired man noticing the strange people moves in and around his area even his neighborhood members were kidnapped in the unusual way. As his police’s brain starting to investigate. Unfortunately, Rudhran’s son Ajay was kidnapped, which made a clue that culprit observes his each activity.

Simultaneously, An American family, which was corner out from the survival area. A child was abused by the drug addict man and her mother was bedridden, the pathetic girl has continually misused by the man and she was helpless to come out of the hard situations.

Parallel, the director made fuzzy by the behavior of Ajay’s colleague Ramya that she missed her husband in an accident which made her abnormal in some situations. On the other side, Pakistani’s activities confused to target on him. Finally, a local black man was suspected. With all these, climax ruled out by Rudhran’s investigation that the culprit was beside him.

Vivek is completely commanding the screenplay. Certainly, the visualization dominant the viewers. The songs reach towards the destination, which something is to be done for the society and the background music not much efficacious with thriller sequels.

Verdict: white flowers – children need to protect.

Rating: 3 / 5


Vivek * Rudhran

Charle * Bharathi

Pooja Devariya * Ramya

Dev * Ajay

Paige Henderson * Alice

Gajaraj * Police Inspector

Tyler Roy Roberts * Jeff

Peyton Justine * Mary

Sudha Rajasekaran * Meena


Directed by * Vivek Elangovan

Produced by *Dhigha Sekaran
Varun Kumar
Ajay Sampath

Written by * Vivek Elangovan
Shanmuga Bharathi

Music byRamgopal KrishnarajuCinematographyJerald PeterEdited byPraveen K. L.

Production Company * Indus Creations

Distributed by * Trident Arts

PRO * Nikil Murukan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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