Vellikizhamai 13am Thethi Movie Review

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Vellikizhamai-13am-ThethiGenre: Horrific * made fun experience

Synopsis: The title explicates on the day (Friday) happens, heretofore the date 13th and the exact 13 spirits making a fun Galatta in a “Kalyana Mandapam”, the tale starts with a somnolence and with the “Pasamalar” movie sentiments are used to upgrade the comedy portions, really makes annoyed to the extreme level, all of a sudden the film ceased with ridiculous climax.

Story: A group entering into a “Kalyana Mandapam” to paint the constructed building, but the gang faces mysterious, the reason behind of the troubles are by the ghosts, as usual had a flashback and the flashback was relieved by the lead ghost’s brother. A normal Ramji’s family was seemly a rich by birth of his sister Rasathi, but she has the attitude of arrogance. In this situation, Rasathi’s father buys a property and fixing the marriage to his daughter. Unfortunately, Rasathi’s cousin (one side love) getting a shock and the fellow burning the 13 members in the “Kalyana Mandapam”, but the preposterous screenplay left the cousin eccentric and the ghost is revenging the rest of the characters. The Ellai amman god quiets her soul within and giving credential and convert Rasathi as an idol in front of the “Kalyana Mandapam” and blesses who gets marriage in the building.

Verdict: Different script, the ghost is stopped revenging who killed them. Only concentrating on no one should get married in her place.

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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