Velvet Nagaram Movie Review

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Suspenseful about what is going to happen – Is that worked out well with the screenplay and in the story narration!!!

“Velvet Nagaram” the title made the audience temptation on the peak, which the unveiling director Manojkumar Natarajan had been compressed the script in the four walls. The story follows with a couple of eccentrics, a journalist Usha Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and her childhood friend Gauri Kasthuri which she has always struggled for the downtrodden people even that she services her whole life for tribal people.

In this scenario, Gauri was being murdered in a puzzled manner, Gauri’s death makes Usha to screw up about her demise. At a point, Usha was mistrust on a corporate company and starting to collect the evidence. Unfortunately, Usha has been locked in tightly with the other scenario and she was helpless. With all calamities Usha found out the culprit and did she safeguard herself.

The first half goes into a distinctive screenplay and in the second half moved out with some other tracks. The director Manojkumar Natarajan starts with one direction and end up with another direction. The story explores with a lot of aggressive scenes, but somewhere pulls down.

Obviously, Varalaxmi always hold the films sharply with negative eccentric or in positive role, “Velvet Nagaram” she has been framed by diplomatically, The music director of the film was Achu Rajamani and the background music was given by Saran Raghavan which made efficacious sounds, Bhagath Kumar’s cinematography bewildering visualization for the viewers.

Verdict: Need patience

Rating: 2.5/5


Varalaxmi Sarathkumar * Usha

Ramesh Thilak

Prakash Raghavan as Deepak

Maalavika Sundar

Santhosh Krishna

Kasthuri Shankar



Written and directed by Manojkumar Natarajan

Produced by * Arun Karthik

Music by * Achu Rajamani

background score * Saran Raghavan

Cinematography * Bagath Kumar

Edited by * Raymond Derrich Crasta

Production Company * Makers Studios

PRO * Yuvraaj

by Deepa VIjendra Rao


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