Vendru Varuvan Movie Review

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vedruvaruvanStory: The director K Vijendran had exposed a village oriented tale, opening with a rural guy Varma who was in the prison and the entire village people against toward on him, that he was murdered four innocent guys, the village Talaivar and his son, not even left out the police inspector, their strong witness made his life’s end stage to hang out.

In this situation, a channel reporter Manohar moving to the village to find out the root causes of those murders. Varma’s childhood was wretched and his mother is being a visually handicap lady, the village Thalaivar keeps eye on Varma’s mother, while she was taking a bath, this was noticed by Varma and he hit on Thalaivar. The handicapped lady sending him along with Samiyar to hide himself for a few days. After a long years, he behaved arrogantly with village people, being a good hearted man situation makes him a faulty guy. Finally, the journalist Manohar investigates with village people and the Thalaivar’s accountant was the only source that Varma was an ingenuous guy. Flaws are overlapped by mother’s sentiment. Especially, while hanging him, time breaks the hang by rest her soul.

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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