Pinrom Pictures in Vidiyum Varai Vinmeengalaavom (aka) Uriyadi

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Uriyadi MovieTwo friends set out to take revenge on the men who brutally attacked their friend and to their suspense, death awaits them in the form of conspiracy plotted by an aspiring politician.

Cast :

Vijay kumar
Mime Gopi
Citizen Sivakumar
Siva perumal
Henna Bella
Crew :
Writer, Directer & Producer(Souvenir productions): Vijay kumar
Co-Producers: Nalan kumarasamy, Sameer Bharath Ram, SATHEESH
SWAMINATHAN (Pinrom Pictures)
Cinematography: Paul Livingstone
Editing: Abhinav sunder nayak
Music(songs) : Masala coffee
Background score: Vijay kumar
Stunt: Vicky
PRO: Nikkil
Designs: Pepperz
Audiography: Krishnamurthy


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