Vil Ambu Movie Review

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vilambu1Genre: Kicking around * the couple of youngster’s life stretches in different angle, makes the viewers to grab the tending, what happens next in every scenario.
Synopsis: The director (Ramesh Subramaniam) Fixed a thin line between the guys, both were struggling to get success in their life. Situations chased out for Sri by family conditions and the way he has grown up, quite opposite to Harish Kalyan, his father against to the destination, now the movie tracks the life of guys who were pulling in,  the conditions in the right path.

Story: Sri’s natural actions are based on illegal deeds, his most of the times spend on smuggling and looting activities are planned, which was working out in the right way, by looking his courageousness a twelfth standard girl was getting admire, proposed to love her. In the contrast,  Harish Kalyan had a  stargaze to shine as a professional photographer, but his father prefers a different field to earn money. Even though Sri has exaggerated in the negative impact of the childhood, feels about the way his parents grown up, without giving education, the life of Sri gets upside down, by getting married with heroin. Harish life was getting tragedy by the situations, over rules in the wrong way. Check out the film, the title of “bow arrow” a two different guy’s life.

Sri’s appearance and slang shown like a perfect rowdy, Harish has been locked with innocent performance. “Ala Sachuputta” song was catchy one.

Verdict: “Vil Ambu” target to a goal, can watch once in the theatre.

Harish Kalyan
Srushti Dange
Samskruthy Shenoy
Mathan Kumar

Directed * Ramesh Subramaniam
Produced * Suseenthiran (Presenter)
N. Thai Saravanan
A. Nandha Kumar
Written * Ramesh Subramaniam
Music * Having
Cinematography * Martin Joe
Edited * Ruben
Production company * Star Film Land
Distributed  * Nallusamy Pictures


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