Vindhai Movie Review

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Elope * made twisted for the couple’s life
Extensive * of sequences captured in the police station
Emotion * are scatter in the family fighting

A couple absconds to the Chennai and both are in custody under the control of R3 Ashok Nagar police station. The inspector enquires the pair and hand over to their family members. The movie stretches in the four corners of the police station.

Opening to the Heroine (Kaaya) dressed up well in bridal costume, not interested to get married. Without the knowledge of the parents Kaavya is decided to move from the marriage hall, and chasing for the lorry, the hero (Karthik) too ready for moving in the same transport. But the lorry was suspected by the police; both now had struck up in the R3 station. The director pioneers numerous characters in the police station till the end of the movie. All the characters had delivered their performance in their own technique; especially Baskar had acted as a great Tamil teacher in the second half makes the audience to enjoy his Tamil pronouncing and the way he irritates the inspectors. Suji Bala’s dance performance is excellent, A film maker character approaches to the hero for asking a story to make a film, but Karthik exposes a fake story.

All in the police station started to believe they were true lovers. With all the confusions, couple’s parents are met at the police station. Kaavya had interested in the education and she doesn’t complete her 18 year to get married. Watch out the movie on silver screen, why the reason both eloped, and real they are lovers? Hero (Karthik) Master Mehendran in his childhood movies, childlike speech still stays in his performance, and that much extent not in his character.

Verdict: More performance done at the police station and performers is coming only in the police station.


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