Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Mattan Movie Review

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Vellaiya_Irukiravan_Poi_Solla_Maata.pngGenre: Persuasion palpating * between a father and with a son, the actions peak up to some extent and leads to impenetrable hassle.

Outline: Vellauya Irukiravan Poi Solla Mattan (VIPSM) is directed by an A. L. Abiandran, an adorable family stays at abroad, but within a month, returning to India and the couple was facing a financial problem. The hero tackles his financial issue, his friend evoking to approach a money lender. The money pull in, a piteous condition.

Story: A leading role played by Praveen Kumar (Karthik), he is a software engineer and his father dissembled by a disease, for the medical treatment Karthik glide path to a money loaner (Rajagopal), but in a decisive situation Karthik, couldn’t make money to return back Rajagopal. Karthik keeps on fair game with his girlfriend (Pooja) to get the lump amount, now she was about wandering to get such a huge amount. For the money again with the help of an ex boyfriend, she blackmails her hubby. This was going on like a chain to a higher officer level. The hero Karthik target amount is 50 Lakhs, but it was reached out Crores level, Periyavar is a Don, who has double face and he changes his attitude according to the personality. Sentinel the film how money plays a vital role in Karthik life and how the challenge was getting thrown out by Periyavar.

Karthik affections have been the core of the story, but too many characters are seeming in the film, which makes the audience to get flurried. The songs were blunt to hear and the Don character flops under the word of affection, looks as goofy to that such a huge role. In a final touch Karthik wife was missed out in the scene and Pooja was overlooked in Karthik’s life.

Verdict: Drowsy is experienced with different play drama.


Praveen Kumar * Karthik

J. P. * Ramalingam

Sanam Shetty * Aruna

Nareyn * Periyavar

Bala * Mani

Shalini * Vadnikatti

Palani * Thiru

Arul Das * Rajagopal


Director * A. L. Abiandran

Producer * Devanshu Arya

Co-Producer * Ravi Varman

Editor * Antony

Cinematographer * Sarangan

Music Director * Joshua Sridhar

Music Director, Gappu Le Aappu * Timothy Madhukar

Sound Engineer * Lakshmi Narayanan

Distributor * ‘Kalaipuli’ S. Thanu


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