Visaranai Movie Review

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visaranai-1Genre: Throbbed * was stratified to the extent, the innocence guys, and the categories of higher rank authorities, life were compressed with piteous.

Outline: Lock up a Tamil novel, who has been composed by an Auto Rickshaw driver, essentially from the place of Coimbatore. The director M. Chandra Kumar had traced back the script from the Lock up and circumscribe of police departments had been brutalized the ingenuous guys. The first half of the story was traveling in the place of Andra Pradesh (Gundur), the innocent guy Pandi (Attakathi Dinesh) was running a provision store and leads a day to day life, and his friends from Nellore quite able to understand the language (Telugu). To manage their economic level the poor people stay every night in the park, and an unjust doom was followed by overnight, the hombres facing the problems with the police for an injustice were frolicking in a critical manner.

Story: The film had the Orrizonti (Horizons), Venice film festival acquired the Amnesty International Italia Award for the Human Rights, the story functions with the four people, they were custodians of inspector (Ajay Ghosh) And they were tortured to accept the crime, which they have not done, with the help of inspector Murugavel (Samuthirakani) gang of people released and moved to Channai.

The second half of the film focused on the place of Chennai, and a set of group travel along with Murugalvel, henceforth their fortune chases them. An auditor (Kishore), was tracked by the inspector Samuthirakani, the story getting twisted to the innocent people, inspector Murugalvel and to the Auditor, the reason behind is unfairness, corruptions made tragedy life. The film has gotten a little confused to the Tamil audience, the characters are communicating with the Telugu language, the sequences slowly push to normal and the ending was molded with realistic the society was affected by many crusades. The heroine Anandhi character is not much used for the gorged, just to extend the minutes of the movie. The Attakathi Dinesh was obstinate in his scramble against the shabbiness, gets the applause by the viewers’.

Verdict: A watchable movie, the insecurity of the poor and the strongest regime is powerful had been portrayed. “Visaranai” (Interrogation) Is a hefty script.


Attakathi Dinesh
Kishore Misha Ghoshal
Pradeesh Raj
Ajay Ghosh E. Ramdoss

Directed * Vetrimaaran
Produced * Dhanush Vetrimaaran
Written * Vetrimaaran
Music * G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography * S. Rama Lingam
Edited * Kishore Te.
Production company * Wunderbar Films
Grass Root Film Company
Distributed * Lyca Productions
Minutes * 106


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