Vishwaroopam II Movie Review

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Genre: Speculative ventures * which the content mixed up with the first version.

Synopsis: The director Kamal Haasan focused on the sleuth story to target his worldwide audience with plenty of dreadful sequels are stuffed, the first version stretches of 149 minutes and some portions might be missed out its seems, which is being compressed in the second version.

The story not much with an innovative concept, the erstwhile version was dust up and given in 2018. The film had been dubbed in Telugu and Malayalam.

The flick continued alone with Kamal Haasan, the same artists overlapping again Andrea, Pooja Kumar and Nassar.

Kamal Hassan movies always eager up the audience, unfortunately “Vishwaroopam II” disappointed with the clamps screenplay, and which was happening in the first film.

Story: Kamal Hassan’s screenplays almost try to hit up the stratum of Hollywood. In the first version, the international terrorists’ contrives towards America, the hero lives among terrorists and ruin the plans in an efficacious modality. In the second version with the help of two ladies our hero safeguards the two countries.

The director Vs hero played as an Intelligence officer and he has been protecting the city of London from the effectiveness of bomb blasting.

Simultaneously, our hero protects Indian cities by the massive bomb smashing. All sorts of emotions, romance with two heroines and patriotism will be seen throughout the content.

The first part, which was given with a standard quality of visuals, in the second version which was given to controversy towards every sequence.

The artists Pooja Kumar and Shekhar Kapur compromised with the performances. The BGM and songs were coming out with a virile by the music director Ghibran.

Verdict: The director is being tested the audience’s patience.


Kamal Haasan * Vishwanathan * RAW Agent Major Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri * Vis

Rahul Bose * Omar Qureshi

Pooja Kumar * Nirupama

Andrea Jeremiah * Ashmita Subramaniam

Shekhar Kapur * Colonel Jagannath

Jaideep Ahlawat * Salim


Directed by * Kamal Haasan

Produced by * Kamal Hassan

Written by * Kamal Haasan

Music by * Ghibran

Cinematography * Sanu Varghese
Shamdat Sainudeen

PRO * Diamond Babu

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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