The Visually Impaired to Show the Way in a Car Rally with a Difference

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image3CHENNAI: Round Table India – Area 2, Madras Cosmopolitan Round Table 94 and The Millennium Lodge No 327 in association with National Federation of the Blind, conducted the third edition of Vision Car Rally held on 5th June, Sunday, 10 AM , Freemasons Hall, Egmore, Chennai with the support from Madras Motor Sports Club. A car rally with a difference, in which the competing teams navigated by the visually challenged, using specially-printed Braille charts. Object of Vision Car Rally is to raise funds to support and help the National federation of the blind and also make the visually impaired to have a fun day out around chennai

Each competing car had upto 4 members including a licensed driver and a visually impaired navigator along with friends or family members – a visually impaired contestant who will ‘show’ his/her team members the route to the finish line.

Vision Car rally was a TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) Car rally, with the route given in a set format (approximately 40 to 45 kilometers in and around city and time taken will be about 1 hr 30 mins ) and the speed maintained as per the law. The occupants of the car are required to do the TSD calculations to reach the finish line! This car rally is not a race its based on speed but a more involved sport testing not just good driving skills, but skills of sense of direction, mental arithmetic, good reflexes and fast coordination of listening, calculating, visualizing and driving.

The car rally consist of Six categories expert team , regular team, novice team, all ladies team, Round Table team, and Freemasons team. for a fee of Rs 500 per car registration including lunch for all . The driver & two more members to accompany him in the car (friends or family) to encourage fellowship and team work.

To kick start the event first car was a Mercedes Benz Gullwing – Super car driven by Mr Manoj Lulla with navigator Mr Kasi Mani who when for a spin to show the visually impaired to have a feel of a super car . Flag Off was at 10 AM at the Freemasons Hall, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, chennai, we had total 67 cars taking part , the stars of the morning was the visually challenged navigators, enlisted by the National Federation of the Blind who called on all their abilities to take their cars across the finish line. Aimed at instilling confidence and a feeling of belonging to the mainstream among the visually challenged, the bigger winners may end up being those of us who will team up with these real life heroes and share the joy of their victory with them.


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