Viswasam Movie Review

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Ajith Kumar harmonized with the rural lineament focused on Pongal festival, which the team intends to drag the village audience. The film contains all sorts of commercial ingredients, which meshes viewer’s attention.

Synopsis: As it is a heroic flick, Ajith shows his full fledged humoring demeanor made the sequels to gratifying with laughable, the director Siva concentrated on Mass hero by poking out with punch dialogues, even Ajith action never missed out that he had satisfied his audience. 

The flick had dumped with all Masala flour in the first session to tapping the young fans of “Thala” Ajith and after the intermission Ajith’s focal point was to shows his glorious execution of the possess ability which is being delirious.

“Thala” Ajith once again takes the attention on family sentiments film filled with more emotion that he bonds with the relationship of a father-daughter and with the long gaps between husband and wife, merely the film starts in the second half. 

Story: The director projected a love story in the mature way, as the senior stratum eccentrics have been involved in the movie. In the place of Theni district, Thooku Durai (Ajith)  influencing the relatives and village people by his affection. 

In this stage, Nayanthara (Niranjana) comes from Mumbai towards Thooku Durai area for a medical camp, in this situation Thooku Durai keeps the love affair with Nayanthara and both were getting married and they blessed with a female baby. 

At a point, Thooku Durai and his wife getting separated, that she moved towards Mumbai with her girl baby and unfortunately the man Thooku Durai missed the affection of his daughter. 

In a village festival Thooku Durai relatives gather together, in that case Thambi Ramaiah’s wish is to be that separate husband and wife want to rejoin together. By the advice of Thambi Ramaiah Thooku Durai was moving towards Mumbai.

Circumstantially, there was scandalous was being forced to her daughter Anikha, But Nayanthara insisting that he should not expose himself with Anikha as the father and to safeguard his daughter from the scoundrel.

Finally, Ajith and Nayanthara are re joining together and why the reason Anikha target by the villain and she accept her father, all bends made full of touching.

Ajith shows his emotions by his own style, Nayanthara had proven her performance as a normal woman, who lose the patience by the way her husband react to the people.

The director Siva missed out in the screenplay, his intention to stuffing all the ingredients without any analysis the sequels. The BGM of Imman which supports the film and the songs have been thwarted. 

Verdict: Entertainment film for this Pongal. 

Rating: 3 / 5


Ajith Kumar * Thooku Durai

Nayanthara * Niranjana

Jagapathi Babu * Gautham Veer

Anikha * Swetha

Vivek * Kesavan

Yogi Babu * Velu

Thambi Ramaiah * Rosanani

Robo Shankar * Merit

Kovai Sarala * Filomina


Directed by * Siva

Music by * D. Imman

Cinematography * Vetri

Edited by * Ruben

Production company * Sathya Jyothi Films

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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