Vivegam Movie Review

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Escapade * was taken by the mass hero is the only confide for the viewers and “Thala” Ajith who is a sleuth guy was the baseline for the movie which heads up to initiate the script.

Synopsis: Technological impact ascertained to a greater extent in the flick “Vivegam”, the director Siva focused on to get a Victory and his first making with “Thala” Ajith “Veeram” the script is all about to the brother’s sentiments in the year of 2014 next to this “Vedalam” 2015 with “Thala” Ajith a sister’s sentimental concept made an immense triumph and after a couple of years again the combination had concentrated for the husband and wife relationship with this also friendship values added on, the hero tracks the international level mafia group and destroy them, the film steered for “Thala” Ajith fans to get entertained.

Story: The tale was potently ramped up and continuing the support by Ajith Kumar and along with him the other artists who are Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Aggarwal and Akshara Haasan holds the movie. An opening which explicit, the story is about an antagonistic terrorist Agent Ajay Kumar (Ajith) who destroys the tactic in a game of betrayers which induce many unnatural earthquakes over the world and especially in India, which kill a lot of sinless mass crosswise country. AK starts a mission with his friends and in the second half how he gets success in the huge mission as alone by stuffing out all the emotional sequels of romance, frustration towards traitors, how to holdups strong friendship and retaliation on pain.

Ajith’s film, which completely eager up in the opening and the movie’s teaser made expectation for the viewers, Ajith had physically worked hard can observe while watching the film and dialogues makes the audience to clap up especially in the wife’s sentiments. Obviously, in Ajith’s movies all the heroines were exposed in a decent way and the beautiful Kajal Aggarwal had projected in the same way. Akshara Haasan put on a strong base for her opening in the Kollywood. In a few sequels Karunakaran has appeared unfortunately he vanished and not travelled along with the hero. Need to speak out for the Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi performances are less anyway a good step up in the Tamil industry. Overall, Anirudh’s BGM breaks up in a peak level.

Verdict: Expectation – Depressed


Ajith Kumar * Ajay Kumar

Vivek Oberoi * Aryan Singha

Kajal Aggarwal * Yazhini Kumar

Akshara Haasan * Natasha

Aarav Chowdhary * Shawn

Karunakaran * APS

Amilia Terzimehic * Rachael

Serge Crozon-Cazin * Mike


Directed by * Siva

Music by * Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography * Vetri

Edited by * Ruben

Production company * Sathya Jyothi Films

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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