Vizhithiru Movie Review

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Genre: Action tickled *  the series of different sequels of distinct people that form a plot.

Synopsis: Meera Kathiravan had focused on trio spheres in the writing, direction and production areas, Krishna Kulasekaran play a vital role along with him Dhansika, Venkat Prabhu, Vidharth, Abhinaya, Sara Arjun, Thambi Ramaiah and Nagendra Babu support the flick. The film experiences with the interracial fretsaw mystify that was forced out. Vijay Milton had been concentrated on the cinematography,

Story: The tale of Vizhithiru is that individual story doesn’t add up quite coherently, it was mixed up with multi eccentrics and how faces the situations in their life, which all are essentially part of a larger story. The film attempts to support what comes about during one portentous night, which interlink with various aspects that unrelated roles.

In the story, four concepts have been involved with different characters. The concept has interlinked with each other. The script actuates upon crisply eminences and wasn’t fluxing as it is reckoned. It gets to the links, they weren’t verity. In the final touch convincingly of thoughts on the story.

Vizhithiru is a sample of film, how multitude grips their lives. The actress Dhansikaa’s acting makes a resplendent approach, T. Rajendran song along with Dhansikaa’s is extra fitting not harmonized to the story.

Verdict: Entertainment


Krishna Kulasekaran * Muthukumar

Venkat Prabhu



Thambi Ramaiah


S. P. B. Charan

Sara Arjun

Nagendra Babu

Erica Fernandes

T. Rajendar Special Appearance


Directed by * Meera Kathiravan

Produced by * Meera Kathiravan

Written by * Meera Kathiravan

Music by * Sathyan Mahalingam

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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