Wagah Movie Review

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WagahGenre: Action * contentedness, merely romantic sequences elongated throughout the film.

Synopsis: “Wagah” a place, crossing between India and Pakistan. Which means the audiences shouldn’t resolve with a patriotic film. The artists struck out with a few firm dialogues. Independence day is being descended near, sure the viewers’ goose bump at the end of the film means it’s absolutely ludicrous. The fib portrayed on a rural guy who had misunderstood his father and expect something in the military and sincere love with a girl does everything had been reaching out. But certainly, the film gives abrupt.

Story: An exaggerated of a news channel’s opening to the film, a debate on missing of military people in the Indian border, shows that a great dedicated film and boosted up the younger generation! drear to say the Vasu (Vikram Prabhu) who is joining as a “BSF”, was encouraged by his brother Sathyan by saying, in the service time guys will get alcohol at any time with cheap rate, and even an educated guy doesn’t willing to be taken over his father’s business, Vasu rushing to Banglore for 38 weeks training. Once he completed the training Vasu located near the India’s border (Kashmir), he misses the native place and worried a lot to the loneliness, while he crossing the “Salamabad” grabbed to a Kashmiri girl. The film stretches with romance sequences. In a situation, Ranya Rao (Kajol) was a Pakistani had spent time with her grandfather, meantime, border living people collided and the Indian border survival Pakistani are pressures to send their own place, Vasu safes the Kajol and crossing the border river to send her Pakistan, Vasu was hang out by the Pakistan military and tortured by the Pakistani military government. At the final, both are limited from their nationality Kajol was moving to India with her lover, and Vasu revealed about 23 Indians condition in the Pakistan jail.

Really commercial target, in the sake of loyalty. Pakistani government arrogance towards the people had been pictured. The songs are rhythmic to feel the melodies. The film captured wide of the Kashmir border makes elegant to the eyes.

Verdict: People valued the place “Wagah”, the film not much treasured for the place by the content. Affronted.


Vikram Prabhu * M. Vasu

Ranya Rao



Ajay Rathnam


Directed * G. N. R. Kumaravelan

Produced * M. Balavishwaanathan

Screenplay * G. N. R. Kumaravelan

Music * D. Inman

Cinematography * S. R. Sathish Kumar

Edited * Raja Mohammad

Production company * Vijay Bhargavi Films

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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