Walter Movie Review

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With ruefulness was expressed need to bear with the narration – utterly collapsed.

The title “Walter” impacted Sathyaraj’s film “Walter Vetrivel”, the debut director
U. Anbarasan had kept Vetrivel eccentric in his mind it seems, Sathyaraj’s son Sibiraj tried out to cope up his father’s performances for this current trend. Obviously, “Walter” film compressed with the policeman script in a high peak of Kollywood body language and dialogues deliveries.

How many years still the old formulas going to be followed in the present scenarios. With the benevolence, tries to update!!!. In the place of Kumbakonam, Sibiraj is a sincere policeman. In the same area a crooked MLA Eshwaramoorthi jealous on upcoming politician Bala Samuthirakani.

At a stretch the covetous Eshwaramoorthi decided to murder the politician Bala and for the assignment Eshwaramoorthi and the higher officer targeting on the genuine cop Walter and the clean handed policeman completing the target.

On the parallel, to compensate the duration in the same area the born babies were facing the consequences and undergoes with pathetic situations. Now the rigid cop suspects on the children vanishing and start to investigate on the scenario. Unexpected character Natarajan is entered in the second half and he tried to extend the screenplay.

Sibiraj performances were in the lethargic manner, at least he would have seen his father’s film with numerous times so that he would have given 5 % in the film “Walter”. The film doesn’t hold any confidence with the other artists and all were doing stage performances on the big screen. On the technical side, the film contains lots of lacking it shows the lower strength.

Verdict: sleeping mode

Rating: 2 / 5


Sibiraj * Walter

Samuthirakani * Bala

Natarajan Subramaniam

Shirin Kanchwala * Raji Sanam Shetty

Bava Chelladurai as Eshwaramoorthi

Abhishek Vinod * Venkat




Directed by * U. Anbarasan

Produced by * Mrs.Shruthi Thilak

Music * Dharmaprakash

Cinematography * Rasamadhi

Edited by * Elayaraja

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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