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One-Stop Solution for all Weddings!
The famous Designer and Stylist, Mr. Vicky Kapoor launched his new brand ‘The Wedding’, a complete One-Stop Solution for weddings. Contemporary Collection by Mr. Jagadish Freker from My dad Store and Make over and Hair Styling for Models was done by Ms. Ramya Krishna from “Peach – The Beauty Lounge”. Vicky Kapoor showcased his Wedding Collection 2017 by an elegant Fashion Show, Actress and Former Miss South India Ms. Meera Mitun and Ms. Bavithra, present Miss South India 2017 were the show stoppers and was held at Savera Hotel on 16th April 2017.

This wedding collection has been launched to prove that the bride and the groom don’t have to buy an expensive wardrobe to look best on their big day. With ‘The Wedding’ People don’t have to worry about buying an expensive wardrobe and not using them again after their wedding day. The designs are simple yet elegant and can be worn for all kinds of occasions with different look and styles.

The Designer and Stylist, Mr. Vicky Kapoor launched this Wedding Collection to be the One-Stop Solution for your D-Day within your budget. “Peach – The Beauty Lounge” is the ultimate destination for all your Makeup and Beauty needs. Ms. Ramya Krishna, The founder of Peach will make you Look & Feel Fabulous with Expertly-Tailored Makeup experience to enhance any skin type, lifestyle, fashion sense and Special occasions.


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