World Hip-hop championship competitions on August 7 to 12

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In India, which was happening is the Hip-hop dance competitions, from the year of 2012, Anjan Sivakumar is organized and it has been reached out an immensely favourable outcome. Indian Hip-hop championship competitions are popular. In the worldwide Hip-hop championship competitions, everyone is eager to be on the side of India, in the year of 2015 worldwide Hip-hop championship competitions got the Bronze medal, 4th place in the year of 2016 Las Vegas, in 2012 last eight competitions reached out and given the record.

In Chennai American embassy, which was given the supported, helping and we are proud of thinking back. Now we have planned to approach the Chennai American embassy, in this year we had contrived to pull out on the stage of the Indian dance artists.

In this year’s world Hip-hop, dance championship competitions will be held on 7th of August till 12th in the place of America.


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