X Videos Movie Review

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Genre: Obscure hole-and-corner * the picture exploding on the smart phone vulnerability, the hidden cameras blast out ingenuousness people concealment and how they face on the aftermaths.

Synopsis: In a couple of films, “Bangalore Naatkal” and “MS Dhoni”, Sajo Sundar had been working as an assistant director, now he has stepped up as director in the movie “X Videos”. The content entirely scintillating with the brightness of shadow, the night world exploring on the internet and on the other side technology how influences the scoundrel. In the past few years, mostly in Kollywood, the directors were concentrating on the darkness of the cyberspace world and the audience has been getting the awareness.

Story: The director Sajo Sundar, for his debut movie, he had chosen to a social issue of happening in the society. In this technological world, how the rogues tracing the weakness of individuals and making out the money in the smart way.

A reporter Manjo (AjithRaj), who interviews with the people that how the cyber world spoiled the society. Among the audience one man, who disdainful the guy Manjo. By seeing those videos Manoj was getting shocked when his friend’s wife figuring in that internet video.

Now this video creates problems in his friend’s life and the guy attempts to suicide. This critical situation made a mental weariness to Manoj. Forthwith the reporter Manjo and a police inspector join together and starting to investigate how the privacy videos linked to strange web sites and the guys were observing the shocking information about the websites and how innocent civilian life were jerk with cyberspace criminals.

By the investigation Manjo recognized, a software guy Vikram, who leads the other people and earns in the cyberspace. Finally, how Manoj tracks on the fraudulence is the balance screenplay. BGM of the film was worked out well and it is guileful in the each sequence.

Verdict: One more alert script for this year.


Ajya Raj

Akriti Singh





Prasanna Shetty



Written and Directed by * Sajo Sundar

Music by * Johan

Cinematographer * Vincent Amalraj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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