Yaakkai Movie Review

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yakkaiGenre: Amorous and thriller * are the cores given in an equal isotropic.

Synopsis: The film Yaakkai is directed by Kuzhandai Velappan. Initially, the tale starts with a suspicious murdered of H hospital owner Radha Ravi and gives fluctuations by squeezing with a beautiful love story. The source of the film was a rare blood group of Kavitha is being a habit of donating her blood and she insists college students to donate blood and here is the story pops out and the murder was linked.

Story: In the journey of horror contents vogue, the directors are believed in getting success in the thriller scripts. A reputed H hospital proprietor Radha Ravi was murdered, the dead body kept in a car and pushed away from the top of his hospital, to investigate Prakash Raj rushing to the spot, for boosting up for a few minutes gorgeous lady Kavitha (Swathi Reddy)  who help for deaf and dumb children and even blood donate makes her satisfy, she approaches to the hero Krishna’s college to give aware on blood donating. A VISCOM student Krishna falls love at first sight and flies like a butterfly, to this continues a millionaire guy Guru Somasundaram comes from the US by hearing the message of his dad’s death (Radha Ravi) and involving in the fuzzy activities, by this the diabetic police Prakash Raj suspect Sriram (Guru Somasundaram). As the Kuzhandai Velappan target and makes the audience to mistrust on Sriram, a twist moves towards Krishna, the beautiful girl was killed by an auto driver and the ambulance driver, this pulled out the rest of the story.

The film Joker leading artist Guru Somasundaram keen to choosing on the scripts it seemed, in the Yaakkai film had given different dimension, the hero Krishna’s portions filled with energies of romance, a prominent artist Radha Ravi was not used well in the film. Every directors are conscious of the society, present medical drugs are used as commercial purposes and not to give remedy for the diseases.

Verdict: entertainment


Krishna * Kathir

Swathi Reddy * Kavitha

Prakash Raj * Sagayam

Guru Somasundaram * Sriram

Radha Ravi

Aathma Patrick


M. S. Bhaskar

G. Marimuthu

Hari Krishnan * Noor


Directed * Kuzhandai Velappan

Produced * Muthukumaran

Written * Kuzhandai Velappan

Music * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * Sathya Ponmar

Edited * V. J. Sabu Joseph

Production company * Prim Pictures

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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