Yaar Ivan Movie Review

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Genre: Action * sequels are stuffed and make the viewers to gear up with the uninterrupted gimmick.

Synopsis: The film uses with two languages, even though it is a Telugu movie, the film stuffed with several Tamil artists which gives an emphatic for the Tamil audience. The story line is a guy who had been arrested for killing his wife in the next day of his marriage and he was pushed into a custodial and a special cop was appointed. This film contains a tickled experience and the sequence move as much as fast couldn’t judge what would happen to the next scenes.

Story: The film is directed by Tatineni Satya in two linguistics way. In the opening, the director keeps the mystify to the audience, Sathya Sachiin J. Joshi murder his wife Shruthi Esha Gupta. At a point Sathya was sent to a jail and the police had been decreed for the investigation and Shruthi’s father is a rich man Jagannathan Prabhu and he wants to know that who was killed his daughter. Once the probe is started, lots of twirl has been coming forth that actuates the viewers.

For elongating out the time, Sathya was prisoned in the place of Goa, the cop Kishore was placed and his suspicions there would be mystery behind Shruthi’s murder and even on Sathya keeps up dilemma decision.

In the Goa jail again, Albert Supreeth is being targeted towards Sathya reason behind was his brother Peter Vamis Krishna was killed in the Kabbadi tournament. All these confusions lead against Sathya. Check out film who is the real obligation for the murder and the cop Kishore would puzzle out is the balance script.

Verdict: Watchable

Sachiin J. Joshi

Esha Gupta



Sathish (Tamil version)

Delhi Ganesh


Dhanya Balakrishna

Vennela Kishore

Pratap Pothan



Vamsi Krishna








Sajid Souza


Directed by * Tatineni Satya

Produced * Raina Joshi

Screenplay by * Kannan,
Tatineni Satya

Music by * S. Thaman

Cinematography * Binendra Menon

Edited by * Prawin Pudi

Production company * Viiking Media and Entertainment

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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