“Yaayum” from the upcoming Tamil film “Sagaa” has crossed 5 million views

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“Yaayum” from the upcoming Tamil film “Sagaa” has crossed 5 million views on YouTube released by Think Music label. It has been praised for it’s use of the 40 th poem from Sangam literature’s Kurunthokai anthology. It is a remarkable achievement given the fact that the film does not boasts any known stars and the composer is a debutant. The song marks Shabir’s debut into Tamil cinema as composer. Please watch the song in the below link.

Shabir Tabare Alam known mononymously as Shabir has recently also won Singapore’s highest national honor for youth, the Singapore Youth Award. The award is conferred by the Singapore government to individuals who are below the age of 35 and have exhibited excellence in their field of work and have also contributed to society through their work. Shabir will be the first music artist of Indian/Tamil descent to win the award in it’s 41 year history. He received the award from the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Shabir has been an activist for the Tamil Language in Singapore. Tamil is one of the official languages of Singapore. Shabir sees it as important to engage youth and popularize the language through music and arts to ensure it is a living language and retains it’s official language status in Singapore. In his acceptance speech during the award ceremony, Shabir quoted a Thirukkural to the audience who were mostly Chinese and Malay and explained the meaning behind it and how it has inspired him in his career.

Shabir has previously won the Kannadasan Award, Asian Television Awards’ Merit Award and Pradhana Award twice for his outstanding music and songs in Singapore and the South East Asian region. In 2012, Shabir received praise from the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong on his Tamil song “Singai Naadu”. Shabir has signed to more Tamil films in recent times and looks forward to continue his work with music and the Tamil language. His next release will be Sanguchakkaram, the film is expected to hit the big screens on 29 th Dec.


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