Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka Movie Review

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Yagavarayinum Naa kaakka Movie Posters 1Genre:
Anxiety * make the viewers expectant in the film and made confused to the script.
Romance * between hero and heroine meek breeze makes the audience raring to go with the romance scenes.

The director has opt the title Yagavarayinum Naa Kaakka is to convey the message from the “Thirukkural” “Whatever may be the nature of control one may have on things in the world, failure to be vigilant, and have control over his tongue, will lead him to misery and great trouble”. But the director also keen about worth on friendship

The hero Saga (Aadhi) is a middle class family guy and his friends’ families are in high, dignified; the gang of friends is worried about their systematic life, which has been framed by their parents. Aadhi friends are planning to enjoy their life for few months. In the celebration of a new year, in a restaurant among the friends, one guy is starting use abused words to the Priya (Richa Pallod) and to her boyfriend Suriya. To a point, both the group was a clash and this issue is being taken to the police control. But the police was against to Priya and arresting Suriya. The reason was in the gang the inspector noticed commissioner’s son is involved. In a situation, Priya were furious and explaining her status. To avoid this critical situation boys were vanished expect the Saga. Saga is moving to the Mumbai to meet the Muthaliya (Mithun Chakraborty) to express his condition and his friends’ situation but the Muthaliya not accepting his words. Priya’s brother Guna (Harish) livid on the guys to kill them, here is motive Priya were disappeared this made Muthaliya to murder the Aadhi’s group. After the Aadhi’s explanation Muthaliya changed his revenging attitude. Watch out the movie on silver screen, Priya murder by the Aadhi’s friends or some other character is entailed in the Priya’s murder.

The story was elongate in some areas; the hero has performed his role in a perfect way. To exaggerate Don character the director gone to Mumbai, it resembles like the movie of “Nayagan”. The heroine expose in a gorgeous appearance. The final touch is based on to the audience

“Yaagaavaar ayinum naa kaaka kaavaakkal
Sokappar sol izhukku pattu”

Aadhi * Saga
Nikki Galrani * Kayal
Mithun Chakraborty * Muthaliyar
Nasser * Police Commissioner
Naraen * Krishnan
Pasupathy * Deva
Richa Pallod * Priya
Harish * Guna
Kitti * Maran
Mahadevan * Durai
Pragathi * Lakshmi Priya
Nila * Shyam
Sree Karthick * Siddarth – Friends

Technicians List:
Director * Sathya Prabhas
Music * Prasan Praveen Shyam
Cinematographer * N. Shanmuga Sundaram
Lyrics * Thamarai * Madan Karky * Gana Ulaganathan * Krishna Iyer
Editor * V.J. Sabu Josheph
Art Director * A. Amaran
Dialogu * S. Kumareshan * Sathya Prabhas
Producer * Ravi Raja Pinisetty
PRO * Johnson


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