Yaman Movie Review

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yamanGenre: Regime * set up flick, and the story engaged with many characters, to make bracing up the audiences.

Synopsis: After a few successful hits in the negative titles of Pichaikkaran and Saithan, the music director comes and an actor Vijay Antony’s forthcoming film is Yaman, was a political avenging script, Tamizharasan who mould him as a firmest guy and ingress into the political spectrum and he plays a vital role in the drama as well as in the performances.

Story: The Death is experienced by his foes and takes a position in the politics by Tamizharasan / Yaman (name of Lord Death). In the introduction sequences Tamizharasan’s father was murdered by his fellow people to attain a level in the politics, with the continues scenes astute man Tamizharasan, uses his all loop hole to reach up a destination and with the support of Karuppannan (Thiagarajan), Tamizharasan kills all the antagonists. At a stage, Karuppannan joins hands with an opponent Minister to kill Tamizharasan, with applying all cunning sketches Tamizharasan holding a place in the politics is the balanced content.

Vijay Antony’s films speak out by the BGM effects, which extends the energy level always fluctuates. A hefty title, the viewers might expect more in the script. As an ingenious politician played by Thiagarajan in a decent way, Charlie appears as a Minister’s PA and the Tamizharasan’s wife character done by Mia George, she was performed as an actress in the film.

Finally, the movie explicates about the political people how they use their power to reach a level. “Yem Mela Kai Vachaa Gaali” is the attention-getting song. Overall, the film eager on every sequel that what would be happens in the next scene.

Verdict * watchable


Vijay Antony * Yaman / Tamizharasan / Nambi

Mia George * Anjana / Agalya

Thiagarajan * Karuppannan

Sangili Murugan * Grand father

G. Marimuthu

Charle * Thiyagarajan

Prinz Nithik

Swaminathan * Govindhan


Directed * Jeeva Shankar

Produced * A. Subaskaran
Fatima Vijay Antony

Written * Jeeva Shankar

Music * Vijay Antony

Cinematography * Jeeva Shankar

Edited * Veera Senthil Raj

Production company * Lyca Productions
Vijay Antony Film Corporation

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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