Yazh Movie Review

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Genre:Drama * undergo passive experience of emotion, relating to or resembling occult.

Synopsis:The tierce feeling of people who lives in Sri Lanka and their struggling towards the survival. The film Yazh is produced and directed by M.S. Anand, was visualized in Sri Lanka. The artists Vinoth Kishan, Sashi Subramaniam, Misha Goshal, Leema Babu, the child artist Rakshana, and Veera Santhanam were done in the leading roles. The music is composed by S.N. Arunagiri.

Story:Yazh is an instrument, it was used by ancient people, who spreads the music and the instrument was got disappeared. In the place of Sri Lanka, a portion of the area is called as Yazhpanam who were struggling to outlive for their life. A lady Selvi roams alone with a baby, she was seized and suspect by a military guy that she is among the Puli. In this situation, the fellow stands on a bomb that was supposed to burst out if he remove the leg. Next is Yazhini is a girl who affair with a guy and she supposed to take him away from Sri Lanka but he refuses to go along with loved one that his mother rest her soul while hit her leg on bomb in her land. A child misses her mother in a bomb blast and the baby goes under the control of Vinoth but the guy plan to go away from Sri Lanka with the lover. Now, screenplay tracks on their struggles. All the people come out of struggling or not is the balance play.

Initially, the story starts with the instrument of Yazh and its origin, the film focused on the place of Sri Lanka and the people who struggles. The film runs very slow which keeps the viewers drowsiness. The characters in the movie had done their performance according to their roles.


Slack in running


Leema Babu

Baby Rakshana

Vinoth KishanMisha


Daniel Balaji

Neelima Azim


Produced by * MS Anand

Music Director * SN Arunagiri

Edited by * LVK Doss

Directed by * MS Anand

Art Director * Martin Titus

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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