Yeidhavan Movie Review

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Genre: Crime * hauled into tempestuous

Synopsis:  An educational law-breaking based script, more celluloids depicted in the medical institutions, education is being used as a commercial purpose. The director Sakthi Rajasekaran to get success in his project, he had been chosen the quondam concept, which has brought into the present educational pattern and modified the film to the current scenarios. An innocent guy, who was giving sound not only for his loving sister even though she had passed away and then he struggles for the students who were affected by the institutions.

Story: The film “Yeidhavan” Krishna who leads the story, a family man Krishna was running the business and taking care of his family members and he was affectionate with his sister Divya had a goal that she wants to become a doctor, Krishna tries hard in many colleges to get a seat for his sister, but all the institutions demands of crore and one of the Institute gives a seat in the amount of Lakhs, unfortunately, the institution has less infrastructure to proceeding for the first year students, Krishna approaches to the person whom he had given the money, to get back the amount, in a tough situation Krishna’s sister was killed by a gang that who involved with the money transaction for the medical seat. Watch out the film, how the innocuous Krishna chooses the path to solve the scenarios, by the situations against him.

The dialogues which boast up to the current situations of educational practices, wine shops put down livelinesses, but every street had four of them, medical schools save lives, and not even every district had one. The hero had some vigour to break his frustrations. The director holds the script with the artists and trusted on the story, the comedy portions couldn’t find out. The villain character Gourav pulls out the attention of his performances.

Verdict: Watchable for one time.


Kalaiyarasan * Krishna

Satna Titus

Vela Ramamoorthy

Aadukalam NarenRajkumar

Saretheran * Gourav


Charles Vinoth

Krishna Kumar



Directed * Sakthi Rajasekaran

Produced * S. Sudhakaran

Music * Paartav Barggo

Cinematography * C. Prem Kumar

Edited by * I. J. Alen

Production company * Friends Festival Films

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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